Top Traffic Exchange List

EasyHits4U 15 1 Pays $0.30 per 1,000 pages surfed and $0.10 per referral. Site & banner geotargeting.
HitLink 4 1 Weekly jackpot with credits, money, and referrals. Geotargeting, ad exchange, 50% commissions.
MembersRule 10 .4 $0.10 per referral, up to 45% cash commissions. Top-level upgrade comes with revenue sharing.
6 .3 Customizable upgraded membership. Bonuses for surfing four KRM exchanges simultaneously.
Hit2Hit 6 .5 Rotates upgraded member sites in 30+ traffic exchanges. Referral contests with $440 in prizes.
TopSurfer 15 .6 Pays cash for surfing and reading solo ads. Direct 100% commissions on member upgrades.
10 .4 Daily surfer rewards with cash and credits. Pays $0.15 for each active referral ($0.25 if upgraded).
Tezzers 8 .4 Cash prizes while surfing, unique branding ads, up to 50% commissions from referral upgrades.
TrafficG 12 1 Highly unique visitors, geotargeting, popular banner exchange. Monthly referral contests.
TrafficAdBar 10 * Unique ladder system which delivers massive traffic to the top members. Text ad exchange.
LegacyHits 5 .3* Daily $0.15 for surfing 555 sites. Progressive rate.
Soaring4Traffic 10 .3 Earn PowerSurfCentral bonuses, which include advertising or a free one-month upgrade.
HitSafari 6 .5 Earn Activity Points by promoting on approved exchanges and share in the weekly $20 jackpot.
DeepSeaHits 6 .5 100 daily bonus credits when you surf HitSafari (and vice versa). Claim a Zubee coin at login.
RealHitz4U 6 .5* Weekly cash and credit jackpot. Surfing bonuses.
LegacyResult 6 .3* Banner Network provides impressions from multiple TEs. Cross-site Legacy Gold game.
HotFlashHits 6 .4* Bi-monthly promotion contest with cash prizes. Participant of Hullabaloo game at TeHeadquarters.
10 1 Geotargeting, traffic statistics, banner impressions, and gambling for credits.
DragonSurf 7 .3 Popular exchange with generous surf rewards.
FarmTraffic 6 .3 Surf 200 sites for a free one day upgrade or 80 credits. This reward can be claimed daily.
FastEasyTraffic 8 .3 Prize pages every 15 sites and daily surf rewards.
TrafficSwarm 20 - One of the largest traffic exchanges online. Surfing by clicking text ads, geotargeting.
TrafficSurf 20 - TrafficSwarm-style surfing with site thumbnails.
TrafficSwirl 8 .4 Play various games to win credits and cash. Buy and sell advertising in the marketplace.
Sweeva * - Each site gets reviewed and rated by visitors. Bid as many credits as you want to get your site seen.
LordsOfLothar 8 .5 Addictive RPG game with great rewards. Equip items to increase surf rate and reduce the timer.
ParagonTraffic 6 .3 Integrated co-op delivers traffic from multiple TEs.
10 .5 Customize your membership with Activity Rewards (boost surf ratio & commission percentage).
LobbyHits 3 .3 GPowerSurf bonuses for surfing participating TEs.
ClickVoyager 6 .2 Free upgrade for surfing 250 sites on Sundays.
ILoveHits 3 .3* Daily surfing competition with credit prizes. Earn ClickTrackProfit XP and money badges.
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